Impact Marketing and Consulting for the Global Cannabis Industry

Ethical Growth Consulting is an independent social responsibility service for cannabis companies. We help launch businesses, grow them organically and create legacy's that stand the test of time. We measure social and environmental impacts to ensure your company reputation is watertight against the rising tide of social criticism.

Business Development​

We provide new and growing cannabis businesses with a suite of supportive wraparound services including graphic and logo design, web development, ecommerce, social media, branding, content strategy, sales, compliance, and business growth. We provide our clients with the tools to thrive in a challenging marketplaces.

Content Specialists

Cannabis unites people of all colours and genders under its banner of peace. The social and environmental potentials for cannabis and hemp are continued points of hope for future generations. As 21st Century companies adapt to a digital generation, brands that tell a story that resonates with their personal values will win the day. We help you to develop that story with authenticity to stake your claim in competitive marketplaces.

Impact Assessments

We fortify cannabis companies by thoroughly examining company communications, environmental impact, diversity and inclusion, and public reputation, and provide an objective assessment and report with actionable recommendations on how your company can maximize its positive impact on consumers and the marketplace.

Albert Camus (sort of)

“A [company] without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”

Tell the Story that your Customers want to hear

At Ethical Growth Consulting, we help you connect with the values that your customers share, ensuring brand loyalty and market longevity.  Customers are increasingly seeking out brands that they can be proud of.  Developing your company impact will give your customers a reason to choose you above the rest. We can help you tell the story that your customers want to hear.

Values Alignment

As social media continues to elevate consumer awareness and interaction with brands, we believe that for companies to succeed in the 21st century, they must align themselves with the social justice, environmental sustainability and inclusive governance values of their customer base.

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