Developing Values Aligned Companies and Products

At Ethical Growth Consulting, we help you connect with the values that customers share, ensuring brand loyalty and long term success for your business.

Business Development​

Whether you’re a new company or scaling up an existing business, it can be overwhelming when you consider all that goes in to running a thriving cannabis company in a highly competitive and challenging space. We provide solutions so that you can focus on what you do best.


Ethical Growth offers individuals and companies of all stages and sizes a comprehensive ensemble of Business Development services. Wherever your company currently is in its development, we’re ready to help you develop, wrapping ancillary services, skills, and expertise around your business to help you thrive within a challenging space.


Ethical Growth’s Business Development Services include:

  • Logo and Graphic design, Website Development and Maintenance, with preferred vendors for POS and eCommerce platforms;


  • Development of brand strategy and key content to help brands resonate with their target audience;

  • Providing grant fund development;


  • Ensuring brands and products are getting in front of those who buy it through our preferred partners in sales and brand representation.

We help take the pressure off our clients in many important aspects of running a successful cannabis business, so that they can focus on what they do best.


Content Specialists

What story is your brand telling your customer? Are your communications resonating with retailers, budtenders, influencers and those who you count on to grow your brand? Through extensive experience in content creation in cannabis, we assess, strategize, and execute advanced content strategies that get people talking about you.

Content creation in cannabis isn’t just about flashing photos of cannabis buds on Instagram or writing blogs to increase the company website’s SEO. Content creation in cannabis is about knowing the audience, and creating articles, educational pieces, and authentic stories that resonate.

With extensive experience in content creation within the cannabis industry working under provincial, state, and federal regulations, Ethical Growth Consulting offers a menu of content creation services including, but not limited to:


  • Website landing page content;
  • Educational articles, blogs, and journalistic stories;
  • Medical cannabis patient and consumer education;
  • Impact and community engagement reporting;
  • White Papers and thought leadership materials;
  • Employee Handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
  • Press Releases and Investor Relations Communications;
  • Research reports and annual reports.

In addition to written content, our team holds interests, talents, and experiences across various multimedia platforms. We use video, music, art, and words to help tell the stories that the headlines can’t.


Impact Assessments

We help companies define their community impact strategy by measuring their environmental and social impact. We develop cause marketing campaigns that build trust and reputation and prepare detailed Environmental, Social, and Governance reports for public disclosure.


Ethical Growth Consulting offers a 360-degree Impact Assessment that examines all aspects of your company and brand(s) based on a number of defined and objective indicators. Through meetings with representatives of all levels within your company, to examining your communications, sales, and engagement strategies, to a close examination of your products, packaging, and brand presence, we provide your company with a Impact Assessment Report with solid recommendations for maximizing your company’s impact in an authentic way.


The Ethical Growth Impact Assessment is based on defined indicators, including:


  • Efficacy of communications and marketing, including engagement and compliance;


  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company as well as in consumer engagement;


  • Environmental impact, including environmental marketing claims and ESG reporting;


  • Public reputation and reputation management;


  • Financial health and responsible use of funds;


  • Community investment and community engagement

Specific indicators of impact assessment are tailored to the type of cannabis business, ensuring that the potential impact flows from the areas of the cannabis industry that matter most to our clients and their target markets.