First Nations Cannabis

Ethical Growth Consulting recognizes and acknowledges that the Canadian cannabis industry has been built on the traditional and unceded lands of First Nations from coast to coast. We honour the important role that Indigenous people and cultivators and retailers on First Nations have played in building a strong national cannabis economy.

As the goals of The Cannabis Act become further realized, many First Nations are wondering whether to take steps to preserve their sovereign cannabis economies, or to enter Canada’s regulated markets. Ethical Growth Consulting recognizes that there are several concerns surrounding all paths to cannabis for First Nations, and that the issues are multi-layered and involve many stakeholders beyond the cannabis industry and consumers alone.

With experience working alongside First Nations on the issue of cannabis regulation, Ethical Growth Consulting offers a blend of cannabis industry knowledge with an awareness of the issues that concern First Nations’ paths to regulation.

For First Nations collaborators, we are pleased to offer services directed towards:

  •   Understanding the sovereign rights to be preserved and desired economic outcomes that First Nations would like to see in regards to a cannabis economy;
  •   Determining the most favourable path to cannabis regulation within a First Nation, or collective of First Nations through careful community consultations and market assessments;
  •   Assistance in advocating with provincial and federal bodies in regard to government-to-government agreements that are favourable towards the desired outcomes for First Nations;
  •   Developing various aspects of cannabis businesses, including branding, content strategy, financial management, marketing, and sales;
  •   Creating a path-to-market plan for First Nations, collectives of First Nations, or individual First Nations brands;

Ethical Growth Consulting recognizes that each First Nation is different and unique, each holding different priorities, histories, and desires for economic growth or participation in the cannabis industry. We take a humble approach to working with our First Nations collaborators, ensuring that we listen and understand before we strategize.


The partners of Ethical Growth acknowledge that we are uninvited guests on the traditional lands that span across the Songhees, Esquimalt, WSÁNEĆ, and Coast Salish People in the west, and across several traditional Anishinabe in the east.